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Bus trip Birthplace of Thomas Mann and the city where Willy Brandt grew up

22 March 2011
Regulars' Table We meet at: die BRÜCKE am Heinrich-Heine-Platz, Kasernenstr. 6 (Clubraum, 3rd floor).


Deutsch-Japanisches Tandem
Ich biete deutsche Konversation, Unterstützung bei Hausaufgaben etc. ... Mehr


to Doku-Nichi-Nagomi, the German-Japanese community in Dusseldorf. We come from the 'dokuwa community' that was set up many years ago.

What does nagomi mean? Actually, it cannot be translated with one single word. We think of it as a pleasant, relaxed and trusting social get-together of two cultures that seem to be similar and very different at the same time.

Our goals:

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